We are honored that you have visited us today.  Palms of Hope Coffee is currently committed to helping children and families in El Salvador. Through the sale of our gourmet coffees we are able to financially support  food, clothing, water, shelter, and education projects throughout El Salvador. Palms of Hope Coffee has identified a specific need in education, and has a relentless focus on supporting "children-at-risk" schools.

Public schools in El Salvador require children to purchase books and uniforms as well as find their own transportation to school and home. Transportation is a major inhibitor of children getting the education they need as many schools are not within walking distance for the children. "Children at-riskschools provide education, food, and a healthy environment for children that cannot afford to attend public school. These schools are also located within the villages where the children live so that they can walk to school each day.  
We would like to thank you in advance for supporting Palms of Hope Coffee!   With your help, we can accomplish many great things we would not have otherwise been able to do.  There is much work to be done in El Salvador and throughout the world, and with your continued support we will be able to provide a positive impact in the region and throughout the world. 

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